Purchasing office furniture is already a high-cost endeavor. It can cost your company a significant amount of money to completely outfit your office with desks, chairs, conferences tables, and the other equipment necessary for business operation. But many furniture companies don’t tell you that there are hidden costs associated with buying their furniture.

Here are three hidden costs that you’ll commonly find in the small print of your final bill, if you’re not careful.


Furniture Protection Plans

Many furniture companies offer a protection plan for their furniture, but it almost always comes at an extra cost. This plan is basically a warranty on the furniture that protects you in case the items are damaged in some way. It’s a great plan to have, but it’s going to cost you money, and you may not even use it in the end.

Essentially, the furniture company is asking you to roll the dice, and they’re hoping to take your money for the protection plan without ever having to pay out to replace damaged furniture. Plus, many of these protection plans have caveats that dictate very specific circumstances under which the company actually has to make good on their protection plan.

It’s a good bet for them to make, as odds are low they’ll have to pay out. But you’ll likely be pressured into purchasing the protection plan, and they’ll convince you that it is a smart investment to make, rather than the gamble that it really is. We think your gambling should be saved for Vegas.


Furniture Delivery

Unless you have your own moving truck, picking up your own office furniture isn’t typically an option. That means you’re going to have to pay for delivery to get your furniture to your office–yet another cost that the furniture company won’t include in their price tags.

But the real catch here is that “delivery” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to take it up to your office. They’re just going to pull it up to the curb outside your building and leave it for you to take inside and install on your own. Talk about a bait and switch.


Assembly and Installation

That brings us to the third hidden cost: assembly and installation. If you actually want your furniture brought inside your office and put together (and we think that most business owners do prefer it this way), then you’re going to have to pay yet another hidden fee. Once you add this cost to your bill, the furniture company will finally bring the furniture up to your office, put it together, and ensure that you are happy with it.

If you don’t pay this fee, you’re left spending hours of your own time hauling furniture into your office, putting parts together, and placing furniture where you want it to go. A growing business simply doesn’t have time to waste with such things. And the real catch here? If you move the furniture into your office yourself, most companies won’t accept responsibility for any damage to the furniture.


How to Avoid the Hidden Costs

There are really only two ways to avoid getting caught by these hidden costs. The first is to be extremely diligent about asking questions and writing down every added fee when you’re shopping and pricing out office furniture options. This will allow you to make an informed decision, with every end cost written out in front of you. You’ll still have to pay those fees, but they just won’t be hidden ones anymore. Of course, you could opt out of most of these added costs, but it will give you a lot more work that you don’t need.

The second option is to purchase your office furniture from Office XYZ. We don’t hide any expenses from you. The price tag you see on our office furniture is the price that you pay, and delivery and installation of your furniture is always included. We’ll ensure the furniture is where you want it, what you expected, and free of any damage caused by transportation before we hand you a bill. It’s a better way to furnish your office, and a smarter way to run your business.