5-ways-to-encourage-good-posture-graphic-01Good posture. Your mother likely nagged you about it in your youth, but did it ever really stick? You thought she was just being pushy, but in reality, good posture can affect your overall health and well-being. And if you run a business, it’s not just your own health and well-being that matters; you should be worrying about your employees’ health too, and therefore, their posture.

The fact of the matter is, the vast majority of office workers have terrible posture when sitting at their desks. They tend to slump forward with a curved spine, or cross their legs, or commit a number of other posture infractions. So what can you do about it, and why should you care? This blog will cover 5 different things you can offer to your employees to encourage good poster; then, we’ll tell you why it matters so much.


Adjustable Chairs

No two people are built in exactly the same way. We are different heights and weights. Our arms and legs are different lengths. Our torsos vary in length and width. With so many tiny variations between one person and the next, how could you possibly expect there to be a “one-size-fits-all” chair? The answer: you can’t. No such chair exists.

And so, we’re left to find another answer to this problem—namely, the adjustable chair. Most office chairs today offer some adjustment; typically though, those adjustments are limited to the chair height and, occasionally, the angle of tilt in the chair back. But we need a lot more options than this if we’re going to give every employee a chair that is perfect for their bodies.

That’s why Office XYZ offers chairs with endless possible setting combinations. You can adjust everything from the seat back tension to the position of the armrests. Every aspect of the chair is adjustable, so that it fits every employee just right. And when your employees are in a chair that offers them the exact kind of support they need, they’re more likely to sit up straight and have good posture throughout the day.

Foot Rests


Ergonomics experts say that the ideal sitting position includes having your knees bent at a 90-degree angle with your feet flat on the floor. For some people, this can be difficult to achieve while still sitting at a decent height.

Giving people a small platform to rest their feet on allows them to achieve the ideal ergonomic position much more easily.

Additionally, foot rests can allow employees to temporarily elevate their feet, which can improve blood flow for some individuals.


Wrist Support Pads

The majority of office workers today are typing on a keyboard for most of the day; this has led many individuals to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, which can cause extreme pain in the wrists, arms, and hands. Fortunately, this condition can be prevented in many cases by simply ensuring that your employees are sitting properly and holding their wrists and hands in the proper position while typing.

There are many ergonomic keyboards out there that promote this proper position, but if you don’t want to spring for one of those, you can simply invest in some simple wrist support pads. These sit on your employees’ desks, right next to their keyboards, and help to hold their wrists higher, which can prevent or delay the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Adjustable Computer Screens

5-ways-to-encourage-good-posture-graphic-05Staring at a screen all day is never going to be great for your health, but it can be a lot worse if your computer screen is not at the right height. OSHA recommends that computer screens be:

  • Directly in front of the user, or no more than 35 degrees to either side
  • At or slightly below eye level, with center of monitor 15 to 20 degrees below eye level

This is rather precise, and in some work stations, it may seem hard to achieve. But improper computer screen placement can cause neck and eye strain and lead to pain and fatigue. It’s important that your employees are able to raise, lower, and tilt their screens as needed to achieve the ideal position. Without that ability, they’ll be craning or curving their necks just to view their screens.

The issue is further complicated if you have any employees who use bifocals. Bifocal users tend to look at screens through the lower half of their lenses, which causes them to tilt their head back to view the screen properly. These employees need to have their screens even lower, so you need to be able to accommodate that.


Adjustable Desks

So we now know that your feet should be flat on the ground, your wrists should be raised when typing, and your computer screen should be at or below eye level. With all of these very exact requirements, an adjustable chair may not be enough to ensure that your employees are sitting properly. Adjustable desks, however, allow your employees to get the exact workstation that they need. No matter how tall or short they are, they can achieve ergonomic perfection when both their chair and their desk are adjustable.

Plus, with fully adjustable sit/stand desks like the ones you can get from Office XYZ, your employees will have the option of standing as they work, which is even better for their posture and their health.

So Why Does It Matter?

Now that we’ve discussed how to help your employees have good posture while they’re at work, let’s talk about why it matters to you as their employer. The short answer is quite simple: Good posture means good health, and healthy employees are more productive.

Think about how you feel after sitting in an uncomfortable chair for several hours. Your mind is no longer focused on your work; instead, you’re fidgeting, stretching, and trying to shake some blood back into your legs. Then there is a score of other potential health problems brought about by bad posture, which can seriously impact your business’s profitability. Think about it:

  • Employees leaving work early due to migraines from eyestrain
  • Missed days due to back and neck pain
  • Prolonged absences and temporary disability for carpal tunnel surgery

The list could go on, but we’ll spare you the trouble. The bottom line is that your employees’ posture when they’re at work can have long-term implications for their health and, therefore, for your business. By helping your employees to have good posture at work, you’re investing in your workers and in your company so that both can have long, healthy lives.

So, are you ready to invest in some posture-promoting products? Contact Office XYZ to learn more about how we can help.