A color changing and dimmable
LED Flat Panel Light

You’ll love your Lumyx lighting solutions. The Lumyx LED lights bring class and productivity to any office environment.

Best of all, our install team takes care of everything. Just let us know how many you want!

LED Light

LED 2’x4’ Flat panel designed for sleek ceiling tile integration or flush mounted applications. Dimmable and color adjustable from 3500K to 5000K. Long Lasting, energy saving, and eligible for rebates.


    • 2’ x 4’ LED Panel
    • Lasts 50,000 hours while using 80% less energy than conventional lighting
    • Even light distribution with no flicker, glare or hot spots
    • Changeable color rating – 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
    • Dimmable 0-10V
    • 60 W, 6600 Lumens

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