A dry erase board might not seem like the most important fixture in your office, but if your office is like most modern businesses, that board will probably get used multiple times a day. Dry erase boards are used for individual brain storming, group project planning, meeting notes, and other purposes. With so many uses for this simple office fixture, it’s important that you purchase the right one.

Most modern business owners have learned the advantages of the glassboard over the standard whiteboard. But there are still a number of options available when shopping for glassboards. So if you’re in the market for this item, keep reading to learn what mistakes you should avoid while making this purchase.

Not Getting a Magnetic One

Any glass whiteboard you get should absolutely have a magnetic powder-coated backing. This allows you to easily hang and organize documents using magnets. While you may not envision yourself hanging a lot of documents on your marker board, odds are that you will need to do it at some point. This may be for a team-building game, a presentation, or to organize images during a project planning meeting.

The majority of glassboards you see these days will have this feature built in, but it is always worth double checking to ensure that the one you are purchasing has the magnetic backing you want.


Not Getting It Customized for Your Needs

Everybody uses a glassboard the same way, right? Wrong! Your needs naturally differ from those of other businesses, so your glassboard should be customized to fit those needs. If it’s important to you to have an accessible calendar that your employees can write projects on, you can get a calendar outline etched directly onto your marker board for easy use. Or, you can have your company’s name and logo etched onto the glass just to get a nice, professional effect on your boards.

You should also have the option to change the color of the backing if you desire so that your dry erase boards complement your décor. After all, if you’re hanging it on a wall like decoration, it should look nice, shouldn’t it? Your marker boards should be a fixture that is pleasing to look at as well as functional for all of your day-to-day needs.


Not Having it Professionally Installed

A glass whiteboard might seem like something that is simple and easy to hang, but it’s important that you ensure it is done the right way. Every board needs to be firmly and securely attached to the wall, and if you allow professional installers to do it for you, you won’t have to worry about the board crashing to the ground without warning.

An improperly hung board can also do damage to your wall, so getting professional installation will protect your office space—an important thing if you’re leasing the space. And, it will protect the glassboard itself. If you purchase a glass whiteboard and drop it or crack it when trying to install it, you won’t be protected. But if you get professional installation, the company will replace the product if it is damaged by their installers. If you’re making the investment into these office fixtures, then you should protect that investment properly.


Not Planning How It Will Be Used

Don’t get a marker board just because you think it’s something any office should have. Know exactly how it will be used in your space so you know where to put it, how to orient it upon installation, how many boards you need, and how to customize it (as previously discussed).

For example, if you think your boards will be used for lengthy flowcharts and notes during important planning meetings, you might want several seamless glassboards installed side by side, so that you can have one continuous surface to work on. If you want a board that can be used for brainstorming and discussions in smaller groups, you might want a single board that is installed in a frame with casters so that you can move it to whatever location you are working in.

Knowing in advance how you will use your board will help you to make a smarter purchasing decision, and ensure that you get any customization options that you need.


Not Getting a High-Quality Board

A dry erase board may be a relatively small fixture when compared to other pieces of office equipment and furniture, but that doesn’t mean you should cut corners. A high-quality glassboard will last for decades, while a lower-quality product may need to be replaced after a few years. Make sure that you make a wise purchasing decision so that it is a one-time investment for your company.

A high-quality board will be made of tempered glass for safety purposes, and will have no permanent ghosting from your dry erase markers. These are features that are less likely to be present in a low-quality product, but they’re vital to the long life and usability of your glassboard.

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